Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Sunday in Kenya

On our second Sunday in Kenya, we drove, oh, about 3 HOURS to get to a random church in the middle of nowhere. We got lost a few times I think. But you know, we still had a good time on that bumpy van ride on the dirt roads. Just about every car ride was at least an hour long, so we got used to making up our own entertainment.

This is the building where we had church. A lot smaller than the first one we went to in Kisumu. I don't even know where we were!

After church, we stopped by an orphanage that Suchi had been wanting us to go to. When we first got there, the kids all sang hymns for us! The American couple that started the orphanage were LDS, and the Kenyans that run the orphanage are LDS as well, so all the kids their practice LDS beliefs.

The team with the whole orphanage! Some of us didn't get the waving memo.

We gave the owners a bunch of maize to feed the kids with. They definitely needed it.

We made the kids line up and we handed out clothes to them, one by one. We just wanted to give them one item for the time being, and then the owners of the orphanage could sort them out and divide them to give to the right kids later on.

It was so cute seeing all the kids after they had received their "new" clothes. They would go off to the side together and put on their miscellaneous clothing item right away, even if it didn't fit them. They were so excited. Shows how spoiled we are...

This little girl was so cute in her new little hat!

Later that night, a bunch of us decided to whip out our new cards we had bought from our layovers, and play games together. We ended up doing that just about every night until we left for the safari! We also watched the FIFA Soccer Cup with the bus drivers. Here is a video of the excitement that erupted when USA scored on Brazil.

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