Monday, July 20, 2009

Field day

On one of the Saturdays we had a HUGE (I mean huge) field day at Lufumbo Primary School. There were THOUSANDS of people there from the community. It was amazing to see. We did some Tug-of-War, Futbol (soccer), and wrestling with them, and they did some potato sack racing, bottle balancing contests (on their heads), and handball (kinda like basketball). It was so much fun to interact with everyone and get to know some of the kids a little more. They also had a performance for us, just like they did on the first day we were there.

Before we went into the school, we took a little tour of the gardens on this lady's property, and these kids followed us around the whole time! 50% of the kids there cannot afford to go to school, so they will just hang around outside the school, looking inside and watching the kids play. So we decided to cheer them up a bit.

The children are so helpful to each other... we would always see the older kids holding the younger kids.

They loved to learn the "cool American handshakes!

These are some of the kids of Lufumbo Primary School. They loved us!

They had different booths set up for everyone to see how to do things, and for us to see how well they were applying Reach the Children's community projects, including the "Milk Goat Project", the "Cow Project", the "Poultry Project", etc. It was so cute to see all the posters and examples and things!

Holding hands is a sign of friendship in Kenya. We saw men holding hands ALL the time, it was so cute!

Here is a video of the kids doing a fun dance for us!

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