Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fun with the kids

Every day when we were done teaching the kids about hygiene in their classes, we would go out and have an hour or two to play with them. They would just surround us and wait for us to entertain them. We had a few games that we would play every time and they would just laugh and laugh at how silly those white people were.

Most of the "wealthier" schools had a school cow in their yard. All the cows in Kenya looked like this - ribs showing, with humps on their backs. The meat is really tough.

I was trying to slyly take a picture of this little boy, but of course he turned and noticed the white girl taking a picture of him. I waved at him like a little baby waves (a flap of the fingers) and I forgot that that was signal to say "come", so he immediately came over to me and I played with him for a few minutes before I told him he could go back and continue playing with the group.

I thought this was a cool video to show how HUGE of circles the kids made.

As I was taking pictures of everyone playing outside, I heard someone BAWLING behind me, so I turned around and there was a little boy in tears. I rushed over to him and picked him up and tried to figure out what was wrong, but he didn't know English. Then his teacher came out and he immediately stopped crying for some reason, and she said, "Come, snap some photos of the children eating porridge." So of course I gladly accepted her offer.

I got to snap a few single photos of the kids before the whole group came over and saw my camera.

This little boy was my favorite. We connected immediately.

The whole group of cuuuuute little ECD (Early Childhood Development) kids with their porridge!

The kids gathering for a "closing ceremony" before we left.

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