Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A little school

One of the last days of teaching was probably one of the best days. We got two AWESOME schools and had a ton of fun with the kids. This is the second school we went to. There were only about 200 kids in the whole school, and the school was in the middle of nowhere in a corn field. All the kids we so cute (well, they all are)!

Yes, this was one of their classrooms!

They would usually have little performances lined up for us at each school we went to. So cute!

The presenting of the soccer ball. Notice the kids reactions in the background.

Us with the whole school.

This little boy was adoooorable and he just let me snap a bunch of pictures of him!

Eric impressed the girls with his jumping skills.

Yes, they ACTUALLY balance things on their heads in real life! And they are really good at it.

A video of the kids saying "one two, make a circle, three four, a BIG circle!"

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