Monday, April 6, 2009

Riots of Eighty - In the Studio

I'm finally getting around to posting this one! Riots of Eighty called me up again because they needed some pictures for their Bio in AP Magazine (which I'm VERY excited about!) and the ones that I took before were too "artsy" for the magazine I guess. We needed some studio shots, so we rented out East Bay Studios for 2 hours and went to work! I had a little scare with my camera... but I had never used studio lighting before so luckily, it wasn't broken like I thought, it was just lighting issues. Since I thought my camera was broken I had to run over to Springville and borrow my Grandpa's D200, which I didn't mind using too much. Thanks Grandpa!

On another note, I figured out how to do a cool thing on photoshop... this is an old picture I took in Puerto Vallarta last summer.

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