Sunday, April 26, 2009

Melanie & Scott

Okay so I haven't updated this in FOREVER! Finals week was crazy, then my parents came in town for Brooke's graduation, then I was in the process of moving out (still am) but I found a free moment to update.

These were my first ever engagement photos, and they turned out great! Melanie is a girl from home whose family I grew up with, so she was a good sport at being my "experiment". I was pretty nervous about it, but I had some good ideas in my head and they all worked out. I had too many favorites to choose from, so here are a bunch!


Heather said...

they're cute. love the pics!
do you know which one they're using for their announcements or anything?

kelli said...

Thanks! I'm not sure which one out of those they are using, these are the more fun/artsy ones that I liked, but they chose some more formal ones!