Tuesday, March 31, 2009

MOAB. Day 3. Part 2.

After our lovely morning of shooting the sunset, me, Sean, and Lexi decided to have our own little photoshoot.

We got a flat tire. And then it started snowing.

Our faithful professor fixing the flat tire.

After we fixed our flat tire we got back to camp to find this snowstorm. It was insane! We had to quickly pack up so we could get out of there before it REALLY got bad. There was even THUNDER! Some of the girls were being wimps and I swear they almost cried. But the boys and I (and Lexi) made the best of it and had our fun.

Our trailer broke off of the truck after the girl driving it decided to pump the gas going over a huge pothole... yeah.

I just discovered this one looking through all my pictures and I don't know why it didn't catch my eye the first time! This is from day 2 when we were walking back from Double Arch.

And that's all from Moab!

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