Thursday, March 19, 2009

MOAB. Day 2. Part 2.

During the daytime of the second day in Moab, we had a lot of "downtime." We made breakfast after shooting Mesa Arch, and that was an adventure in itself. It was so windy and cold and miserable, and our camping stoves kept blowing out, so we ate lukewarm oatmeal. I don't even like oatmeal.

Sean was so good to me for sharing his stove and his love of oatmeal with me.

Of course, the jumping picture.

Sean failed at getting a picture of me in the air. It's okay Sean, you're still my friend. But at least you get to check out my ridiculous outfit for the day. I think I was wearing just about everything I brought.

I was exploring on those rocks/cliffs, and Peter was watching me and saying, "Kelli..... stop that.... you're scaring me...." I told him, "My mom would say that too" and so he told me to pretend like he was my mom. It didn't really work.

After that we had a little workshop on the edge of this cliff (no joke) where Peter (our teacher) and the other 2 adults on the trip (photographers and friends of Peter) talked to us about different photography stuff.

This scene reminded me of the movie/book Holes. So I had to take a picture.

Then we stopped at this cool gas station in the middle of nowhere and got some good shots of all the cool stuff around us. We didn't stop there because of the cool stuff, we stopped there for a bathroom break, but we were lucky to get some cool shots anyway.

I rode in the "man truck" for the whole trip, just me and the "men" the whole time. For some reason they took longer at the rest stop then I did.... it reminded me a bit of Sunday mornings at home with all the girls waiting for my dad in the car to leave for church. (Yes, I have a lot of memory pictures in this post)

Before the trip I took out some plastic bags and labeled them (yes, for each day and meal) for convenience. Everyone was jealous.

Following our rest stop, we drove back to Arches National Park and took pictures of Double Arch. It was a pretty huge arch.

Here's another memory for you. I saw this lizard and I tried to catch him but he was too fast. It reminded me of catching lizards when I was little with my cousins Tanner and Cory. Those were the days.

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Sean said...

So wait just one minute...i failed at getting a pic of you in the air? A) i don't remember this B)if it did happen, it probably was because you didn't jump high enough :) And yes, we need another photo shoot again...maybe a sun set this time though