Tuesday, March 24, 2009

MOAB. Day 2. Part 3. [Last one]

For the next part of our loooong second day, we went to a different part of Zion's National Park and did the hike inside the "Fiery Furnace" with a tour guide. Supposedly it was a really "intense" hike... pssh. Intense, shmintense.

This is what it looked like pretty much the whole tour.

Here is our lovely tour guide, Sierra, explaining how the arches and stuff in Zion's were created. It was pretty interesting... but I don't think I could explain it as well as this Geology Major.

All of the adventurous people climbed through this little arch right here. I was one of them.

This tree reminded me of something that would be in Jerusalem.

Stopping for another little nature lesson from our guide.

Can you guess what this arch is called? ....... Yep, it's called "Skull Arch".

Mouse tracks! Or some sort of small animal...

This looks like a dangerous leap, but it really wasn't. Sean is just really tall. Okay, so I couldn't do it, but that's because I don't have long legs. At least I didn't kill myself trying!

Surprise! This arch is called "Surprise Arch". Because the owner guy (or whoever he was) of the park was hiking through here one day mapping out the trail for the tour we went on, and he couldn't see this arch because of his ranger hat until he was leaving and turned around to see it.

Before we left Zion's for the night, we took a vote and decided to shoot "Balance Rock" before the sunset and before we ate dinner. While we waited for the sun to go down some more, Peter and our other mentors gave us a little lesson on different types of lenses. The coolest lens was a Nikon. Take THAT Sean!!

After our little lesson, we headed up a little hill to take pictures. It was freeeeeezing and I was tired of standing, so I took a few pictures that luckily turned out good. But the sunset wasn't even that cool, so I just left the group and went to sit and wait in the truck. No, I was not being a poor sport. Just a cold sport.

We ended the day with a hearty all-you-can-eat pizza and salad and soup bar at Zax restaurant in downtown Moab. I wouldn't recommend it. I was dying of starvation and wanted something warm so I chose that since it was the best deal (only $12!) and it didn't taste as wonderful as I was hoping.

Up next, Day 3! This might take 2 posts, but we'll see.

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