Wednesday, March 18, 2009

MOAB. Day 2. Part 1.

After we shot at Delicate Arch on Thursday night, we waited for the sun to go completely down, and we hiked back using only the light of the moon. It was a beautiful hike and we could see the stars perfectly! That night we drove to camp and set up our tents and ate some food, then went to bed. I don't think I slept at all that night. My toes were completely frozen all night, and I just couldn't get comfortable.

So when the time came that Peter (our teacher) woke us up at 4:30AM with a lovely story, I was so ready. We all slowly got up and came out of our tents, and the sky was AMAZING. It was still pitch black and you could see probably every single star in the sky. I've never seen the stars like that. And being in the middle of nowhere definitely helped the amazing factor. So that morning we drove out to shoot Mesa Arch for sunrise. We just had to walk a little bit along a trail to get to it. Me and my friend Sean were the first ones there. We saw the arch and we were amazed, but then we stepped up to the arch and looked out over the edge and were even more amazed. The view was breathtaking. It was freezing cold but I have never seen a more beautiful sunrise. But that's probably just because I never see the sunrise.

There's a ghost in my picture.

Check out that VIEW!

Everyone was trying to get the best angle/spot for the sunrise, so it was tough to get a good shot without someone in it.

Silhouettes are cool.

I love this one.

Still tons of photographers there.

None of my pictures got the whole view of the complete scene... so I stole this panoramic picture from Sean (sorry Sean) to show you the beauty! The picture is a little small, so you'll have to click on it to make it a little bigger.

Day 2, Part 2 to come soon! (Day 2 was a very looooong day, sorry)

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