Monday, August 20, 2007

So I decided to start a blog.

This is BYU summer.
Amazing sunsets.

Ward socials.

Random dates with random boys.

New friends.

Old friends and waterfights.

Dressing up for Rodeos.

Denny's at midnight every Sunday.Night parties at Seven Peaks waterpark.

Hiking the Y.

Camping and "flying by the seat of our pants" (not such a good idea).

Pioneer Day (it's big in Utah).

Playing in the hall during visiting hours.

Bowling with cousins and sisters (and friends).

Dates with sisters.

Rainstorms, and running through parks in the pouring rain.

The Skyroom Cafe.


Dairy Queen and butterscotch dipped cones.

Boating with EFY 2005 friends (and old friends).

Since my sister, Brooke, has had such success with her fashion blog, I thought I would join in the craze and start my very own photo blog. So this is the first post of my first official blog.


brooke said...


brooke said...

PS- i believe one key to success is making an easy-to-type URL. yours is waaaay too long!

kelli said...

Sorry, I will change it immediately!